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You are automatically part of the School if you have been selected through:

FAQ - General

How do I become a Vienna Doctoral School PhD student?
You will need to pass a PhD selection as detailed here. Almost all of our students (>95%) are recruited through the Max Perutz Labs PhD selection, held twice per year. The summer selection takes place in May, the winter selection in November.

Does the School have specific language requirements?
The School’s working language is English. Proficiency in English is therefore required. Applicants who hold a degree from a non-European university are requested to submit a GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations) score. When applying, please submit a copy of your official record. Other formal proofs of competence in English (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) are not necessary.

What qualifications (degree) do I need for my application to be considered?
You need to hold a master degree or an equivalent university degree (4-year BSc hons. and independent research experience) and should have finished your studies with a thesis.

Can I apply before I receive my master degree?
Yes. Applications can be submitted before obtaining your degree. Instead of the certificate, upload your latest academic transcript. We expect you to present the master certificate within 6 months after the interview/selection week.

Is there an age limit?
The School does not have a strict age limit. However, PhD students should not be older than 30 years by the time they start their thesis. In case there are major time gaps in your career or special circumstances to be considered, please specify them in your application.

Am I allowed to apply a second time if I have been invited and not passed the interview/selection round?
No. Re-applications will not be considered unless you can prove substantial additional research experience.

Is there an application fee?
No, the School and its Program tracks do not charge an application fee.

Do I need to arrange my own funding/fellowship before applying?
No, all group leaders advertising positions will cover the salary of the successful students. However, a fellowship is a bonus for every CV, and we strongly encourage excellent candidates to look for external funding opportunities such as the uni:docs fellowships of the University of Vienna or the doc - fellowships from the Austrian Academy of Science.

Can I get your support letters for fellowship applications (e.g. BiF, WWTF) before passing the selection? No. Since only applicants who pass selection can enter the School, you can only apply to such fellowships after having passed our PhD selection and having found a group that will host your PhD studies. We’ll be happy to help you apply for your own fellowship.