Specialist PhD training

PhD tracks

Many groups in Molecules of Life have related scientific interests, and collaborate in the context of scientific projects. PhD programs focused on specific topics provide high level PhD education in particular areas of interest, in the form of introductory lectures, ad hoc lectures and training based on feedback and requests, and program-specific Journal Club and Work in Progress Seminars.

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PhD tracks based at MFPL

PhD tracks based outside of MFPL

Transferable skills program & Career day

Our students will hone their presentation skills by participating in program-specific journal clubs and work-in-progress seminars, in the “How would you do it seminars”, in the “MFPL Lectures”, and in the “Annual Retreats”. In addition to these active learning strategies, MFPL offer formal scientific communication courses including working with Adobe Illustrator, writing and speaking scientific English, and presentation skills; finally, the students have access to the transferable skills programs of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna.

The “MFPL Career day”, organized every second year by MFPL, is a hands-on workshop which offers a unique opportunity for PhD students and Postdocs to look into career perspectives in or outside academia. During the workshop the students, supervised by experts, learn how to write a scientific CV and how to prepare for a job interview.

Want to know more? Here you’ll find the news piece on the Career Day held in October 2015.